At BLOOM4, we help you blossom into the beautiful flower that you are meant to be. We nurture the seed of who you are at the core. We help you break through the barriers, clearing away any excess rocks, dirt or other things that impede your growth. We provide you with a supportive, rich environment empowering you to grow strong, vibrant, firmly rooted and connected to your spirit. This empowers you to thrive.


We work with advancing women entrepreneurs (and some highly qualified men) who sometimes feel overwhelmed, stressed, stuck or trapped in their current situation. Our clients know things can be easier and they have a strong desire for personal growth. They value doing the inner work to shift the external circumstances. They want to see things from a different perspective enabling them to thrive on all levels. At BLOOM4, we understand our clients and their needs. We help them navigate their way through to blooming, holding a light for them and their higher vision.

At Bloom4, we enable your life and business to bloom

We empower you to thrive and live your life in greater JOY with ease and grace.


At BLOOM4, we help you gain clarity on your goals and priorities. We provide proven strategies to ease the stress, overwhelm and distortions while you sort things out.




We have developed a transformational system that quickly moves you through desirable change using a step by step process. First we help you clear energetically. We help you get crystal clear on your goals. Next, we identify and help you strategize how to get from where you are now to your desired goals. You will take inspired action. You are supported each step of the way.

We have a plethora of vibrational shifting tools in our toolbox that can help you break through the barriers. We help you break through any limiting beliefs, make mindset adjustments and hold you accountable for you taking action. You are ultimately responsible for taking action and implementation to obtain your desired results.

We value the uniqueness of each individual. We provide an individualized approach specific to you and your needs in our private consultations. We also have group coaching, workshops and retreats for groups of people with specific and similar desired end results.

It doesn't matter where you live. We work with women all over the world. Our calls and most of our courses are available via the internet, phone or Skype.


We've helped entrepreneurs break through their barriers. Entrepreneurs just like you. Here's what some of our clients are saying about BLOOM4.

Bonnie C

Before working with you, I have to say I was feeling very overwhelmed and I’d go so far as to say my purpose was looking a bit messy and confusing to me. I have multiple passions and so many ideas and concepts and I really was all over the place and feeling lost and frustrated. Cyndi, you helped me clarify my purpose and really be able to articulate clearly my big ‘why’ once again. You know that saying, “Can’t see the forest for the trees?” Well that was me! You held such beautiful, sacred space so that I could uncover a huge block to my own success and happiness, which I just could not see on my own.

Marisa S

Before working with Cyndi Crockett, I was at times experiencing anxiety at work, during meetings. When sitting down with her she coached me through several practices to implement right before these discussions which created a HUGE mindset shift for me. She also paired me with the right stones aligned with my energy level in the form of a necklace. I learned how to clear any negative energy I was experiencing during these periods. Thanks to Cyndi’s mindset guidance, spiritual healing and step-by-step coaching program, I was given the tools to feel empowered and in control of my purpose, easily able to focus on what I needed to communicate in order to perform well and demonstrate my innate leadership ability in my role.

Bloom forth with BLOOM4